Program of the Centre of Excellence in Biothermodynamics (CEBiotherm)

Worldwide contribution of knowledge and innovation

Worldwide frontiers of science in the area of Biothermodynamisc, Biophysical Chemistry and Biophysics are our prospect and aim.

Producing software based on biothermodynamic parameters

Of the aims of this excellence centre is the design and development of softwares for the analysis and recognition of protein and other biomolecules using biothermodynamic parameters. The design of such softwares will be important for the future benefit of molecular medicine.

Joint research projects at national and international levels
One of the priorities of this excellence centre is to carry out joint research projects on thermodynamic and structural study of proteins and peptides to diagnose diseases especially diabetes. The projects are to be carried out both at national and international levels with the participation of professors, researchers and elite students.

Training PhD students, elite scholars and post-doctoral researchers at national and international levels
The priorities of  CEBiotherm is to train national and international  PhD students, scholars and post-doctoral researchers.

Implementing applied projects and strengthening connections between university and industry
Implementing applied projects and strengthening the connections between university and industry especially in the fields of proteins, milk peptides and the design of advanced softwares are our precedence.

Promoting and popularizing scholarly achievements
The CEBiotherm will try to share its scientific and scholarly achievements with people through social media, national media, interviews and the internet.

Organizing scientific conferences and workshops
Of the other priorities of CEBiotherm is the expansion of national and international cooperation to enhance the scientific progress. Organizing and participating in conferences, workshops, lectures and scientific debates are our aims. Organization of conferences and workshops with cooperation of other scientific societies especially Iran Society of Biophysical Chemistry (ISOBC) are our precedence.

Interdisciplinary sciences
Due to the importance of interdisciplinary sciences, some of the activities of CEBiotherm will shift toward integrated sciences and science networking.

Educational activities of CEBiotherm
The CEBiotherm will have a diverse set of educational activities including:
Incorporating scientific and research achievements in students' text books, writing book chapters and review articles at national and international levels, classroom discussion sessions with faculties and students, Biothermodynamics discussion group, Web CEBiotherm discussion group, inviting senior lecturers and famous scientists to speech and scientific negotiation, worldwide interrelation with scientists through emails and electronic discussions as well as webinars.

Labs networking and database centers
The CEBiotherm will be collaborated with national and international labs and database centers to achieve high resolute measurements and analysis.

Science-based firms
Establishing science-based firms and companies are among the priorities of CEBiotherm.